With the popularity of illegal steaming and downloading it can be quite refreshing to watch something legally. And being an avid short film lover, shorts are what I like to watch. If you’re like me, trying to get into short film or a filmmaker scouting what’s out there, here follows a list of some of the best places to (legally!) watch quality shorts on the web.

Online Short Films, lists Oscar nominations and winners which is awesome! It can be really hard to find them and find them in good quality.



Films-short has an excellent collection of short-shorts and the editor’s choice is always good.



Short of the Week Blog-spot has wide variety of categories that each spans geographical territories.

The Irish Board, Media Hub, has all the IFB funded shorts over the years.


Know any more good places? Email me lorna@disfmf.ie
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Shorts Bay has good genre categories, and lists some of the best short film festivals globally


DC Festival Shorts archive lists all the shorts that have made it into the festival since 2004, they only have 330 films but what’s there is quality.