Official Selection 2022

10, Autumn Street, Directed by Theo Herghelegiu, Comedy-Drama, Romania, 2022, 26min

Cleaner, Directed by Edwin Mullane, LGBTQ-Drama, Ireland, 2021, 15min

Candlelight, Directed by Scott Newton, Animation, UK, 7min, 2022

All Alone Here, Directed by Callum Patrick O’Brien, Horror-Fantasy, Ireland, 15min, 2022

Connected, Directed by Daniele Guarnera, Sci-Fi, Italy, 15min, 2022

Encore, Directed by Laura Carroll, Drama, Ireland, 22min, 2022

Shadowban, Directed by Shane W. Brennan, Horror, Ireland, 10min, 2022

The Soup, Directed by Arief Khoirul Alim, Animation, Indonesia, 3min, 2021

Roses in The Night, Directed by Pencho Kunchev, Animation, Bulgaria, 10min, 2019

Hardboiled, Directed by Peter Sluszka, Animation, USA, 28min, 2021

Bardo: A Rogue and Peasant Slave, Directed by Michael B Clifford, Drama, UK, 22min, 2021

Transmission, Directed by Caitriona Ni Mhurchu & Jason Byrne, Documentary, Ireland, 12min, 2022

Sound of Summer Gone, Directed by Youngkwang Park, Drama, South of Korea, 26min, 2022

Flush, Directed by James Aaron Prenderville, Comedy, Ireland, 10min, 2021

Concrete Angels, Directed by Maria Strozynska & Rafael Contreras Zapata, Documentary, Ireland, 9min, 2022

Tempvs, Directed by Jason Branagan, Horror, Ireland, 13min, 2022

Foxglove, Directed by Michael-David McKernan, Drama-LGBTQ, Ireland, 14min, 2021

Living the Hospitality Lifestyle, Directed by Fabio Ciccarelli, Documentary, Ireland, 5min, 2022

Saturday, Directed by Brian Dunster, Music Video, Ireland, 4min, 2022

Hunger Ward, Directed by Skye Fitzgerald, Documentary, USA, 40min, 2022

Throw Your Heart Over First, Directed by Mark McAuley, Drama, Ireland, 8min, 2021

Confessional, Directed by Donal O’Dea, Drama, Ireland, 14min, 2022

Dubidha (Dilemma), Directed by Pradhumna Mishra, Drama, Nepal, 20min, 2022

Mopped in their Tracks, Directed by Georgia Rao-Williams, Animation, Ireland, 5min, 2022

The Other Half, Directed by Asmaa El Mouttaki, Social-Drama, Morocco & US, 15min, 2019

Sweet Wort, Directed by Michael Philip Reid, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 24min, 2022

La Madeleine, Directed by Richard Lennon, Music Video, Ireland, 6min, 2021

Awake in the Dark, Directed by Laura Sheeran & Kate Finegan, Drama, Ireland, 10min, 2022

The Consequences of Breaking the Heart – An Irish Folk Tale, Directed by Shaun O Connor, Music Video, Ireland, 5min, 2021

The Commuterments, Directed by André Parra, Animation, Ireland, 2min, 2022

I Can’t Escape Her, Directed by Ed Ifeanyichukwu, Music Video, Ireland, 6min, 2022

Different, Directed by John Farrelly, Drama-Romance-LGBTQ, Ireland, 20min, 2022

Our Time, Directed by Áindréas Aingeal Fallon Verbruggen, Docudrama, Ireland, 2 min, 2022

Free Fall, Directed by Emmanuel Tenenbaum, Drama, Ireland, 19min, 2021

Da Capo-The Town of Music, Directed by Darc Mavid, Musical-Comedy, Germany, 25min, 2022

Te Lloré un Río (I cried you a river) -Maná & Christian Nodal, Directed by Antonio Roma, Music Video, Mexico, 4min, 2022

Hightail, Directed by Jenny Lee-Gilmore, Drama, Canada, 13min, 2022

Saoirse, Directed by Sinead Ralston, Drama, Ireland, 12min, 2022

Mr Sun, Directed by Oonagh Quinn, Drama, Ireland, 15min, 2022

Repeat, Directed by Roisin Clothier, Animation, Ireland, 2min, 2022

The Last Comedy Club on Mars, Directed by Fergus Keane, Documentary-Comedy, Ireland, 10min, 2021

You Are Better Than You Think, Directed by Valeria Patarushina, LGBTQ-Documentary, Ireland, 5min, 2022

Barter, Directed by Ziba Karamali & Emad Arad, Drama, Iran, 20min, 2021

Ellie, Directed by Fernando Bonelli, Drama, Spain, 19min, 2022

The Banishment, Directed by Yılmaz Özdil, Drama, Turkey, 20min, 2022

Home, Directed by Tom Lynch, Docudrama, Ireland, 4min, 2022

Steppin Up!, Directed by Peadar O’ Briain, Drama, Ireland, 13min, 2021

Thirst, Directed by Manolo Marcenó, Sci-Fi, Ireland, 13min, 2022

Zoom Dates, Directed by Nichole Harris & Christina McMahon, Comedy, Ireland, 9min, 2022

Tears of an Exile (Deora an Deoraí), Directed by Pierre Yves O’Reilly, Documentary, Ireland, 6min, 2022

Medea, Directed by Feifei Zhong, Drama, China, 13min, 2022

Wallpaper, Directed by Fabien Oman & Philip Kidd, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 14min, 2022

Tadhg, Directed by Caoimhe Butterly, Documentary, Ireland, 11min, 2022

Veils, Directed by Erika Nakayama, Drama-LGBTQ, Japan, 18min, 2021

Rum & Raisin, Directed by Steven McKenna, Drama, Ireland, 17min, 2021

Hush, Directed by Emilie Beck, Drama, Norway, 25min, 2022

Not Quite Dead (Yet), Directed by Adrian O’ Connell, Musical-Comedy, Ireland, 6min, 2021

Frequency, Directed by Aleksander Szeser, Horror-Sci-Fi, Poland, 16min, 2022

Generation Mind, Directed by Eric Boadella, Music Video, USA, 5min, 2022

Punch Line, Directed by Becky Cheatle, Drama-Comedy-LGBTQ, Ireland, 10min, 2022

Down to You, Directed by Seán Kelly, Music Video, Ireland, 8min, 2021

Oisín, Directed by Alba Fernandez, Drama-LGBTQ, Ireland, 22min, 2022

Queer Parivaar, Directed by Shiva Raichandani, Drama-Musical-LGBTQ, UK, 27min, 2022

Al-Sit, Directed by Suzannah Mirghani, Drama, 20min, Sudan, 2020

Junture, Directed by Stu Teehan, Drama, Ireland, 9min, 2021

Lidia, Directed by Damien Lumsden, Horror, Ireland, 9min, 2020

Background Story, Directed by Ron Baranov, Comedy-Drama, Israel, 9min, 2019

Streets of Fury, Directed by Aidan McAteer, Animation, Ireland, 5min, 2019

Debutante, Directed by Kamila Dydyna, Drama, Ireland, 18min, 2021

Happy Birthday Dear, Directed by Ilyes Bensalem, Drama, Ireland, 5min, 2022

Imbas Foronai, Directed by Shane Serrano, Drama-Art, Ireland, 15min, 2021

Kai o Berge, Directed by Marie Surae, Music Video, Lebanon, 5min, 2021

Where Have You Been, Directed by Colman Hayes, Drama, Ireland, 9min, 2021

A Bitter Pill, Directed by Keith O’Grady, Drama, Ireland, 15min, 2021

At the Strawberry Stand, Directed by Gerald Gerhard Pribek & Marc Weber, Comedy, Austria, 6min, 2020

Forerunner, Directed by Kevin Bennett & Dave Thorpe, Documentary, Ireland, 18min, 2021

Swissman Is Getting Ready for You, Directed by Sampo Lenzi, Commercial Advert Switzerland, 1min, 2021

I Am an Island, Directed by Damian Draven, Drama-Thriller, Ireland, 12min, 2021

Rhove – Jungle, Directed by Peter Marvu, Music Video, Italy, 3min, 2021

The Little Drummer Boy, Directed by John Gray, Drama, USA, 10min, 2021

When She Was Good, Directed by Margarita Milne, Drama, UK, 20min, 2021

Off Your Head, Directed by Gianlorenzo Albertini, Drama, UK, 28min, 2021

The Small Steps, Directed by Al Butler, Documentary, Ireland, 18min, 2021

Pick Me Up-Stela Boțan, Directed by Nadia Oliveira, Music Video, Romania, 4min, 2021

The Universal Institution of Soul Management, Directed by Daria Dănilă, Sci-Fi, Romania, 14min, 2022