The 12th DISFMF Full Programme 2023

The 12th DISFMF Full Programme 2023



 The 12th DISFMF Full Programme 2023 Download Here

Programme 1, Friday 6th October, 2pm, Cineworld, 119min, Buy Tickets

Communion, Directed by Séan Coyle, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 28min

The Silent People, Directed by Keith O’Grady, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 18min

Office Offence, Directed by Natasja Schaafsma, Comedy-Action, Ireland, 2023, 4min

When Grass Grow, Directed by María Monreal Otano, Comedy Drama, Spain, 2022, 3min

Life Savers, Directed by Lukasz Wdowicz, Commercial Advert, Poland, 2023, 30seconds

Boundless Imagination, Directed by Tzu-Yu Lin, Animation, USA, 2023, 4min

Haptic, Directed by Baz Black, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 11min

Not My Bag, Directed by Beta Bajgart, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 27min

Wireless, Directed by Brian Benjamin Dwyer, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 2022, 8min

Fortissimo, Directed by Victor Cesca, Comedy, France, 2023, 15min

Programme 2, Friday 6th October, 5pm Cineworld, 138min, Buy Tickets

East, Directed by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Tv Pilot, USA, 2022, 30min

Duffle Bag Boy, Directed by Chris Higgins, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 11min

Departure, Directed by Aaron Monaghan, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 12min

Hello Mommy, Directed by Nadia Tai, Animation, Ireland, 2023, 2min

The Last Set, Directed by Aisling Conroy, Animation, Ireland, 2023, 7min

Sunday Roast, Directed by Olof Berghe, Drama-Thriller, Sweden, 2022, 15min

Harry and Mabel: A Love Story, Directed by Adam Kemp, Animation, Ireland, 2023, 4min

The Burning at Ballymanny, Directed by Brian McCarthy, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 13min

Mask, Directed by Margaret Kane-Rowe, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 11min

The Last Laugh, Directed by Sam Burke, Dark-Comedy, Ireland, 2023, 17min

Pushing Daisy, Directed by Leah Revivo, Comedy, UK, 2023, 16min


Programme 3, Friday 6th October, 8pm Cineworld, 139min, Buy Tickets

JFK – The Three Miles, Directed by Pamela Finn, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 20min

Bean Feasa // Wise Woman, Directed by Daniel Butler, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 17min

Wishing…, Directed by Stephen McCreddin, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 9min

Skinny Dip, Directed by Donal O’Dea, Fantasy, Ireland, 2023, 1min

Mespil in the Dark, Directed by Gavin Quinn, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 15min

My Old Love, Directed by Fabian Fornalski, Drama, Germany & Ireland, 2023, 20min

Abnormal Adoration, Directed by Mingyuan Ye, Animation, USA, 2023, 2min

Licence for Nil, Directed by Shane Robinson, Comedy, Ireland, 2023, 18min

Hit Man: Secrets of Lies, Directed by Elias Plagianos, Tv Pilot-Drama, USA, 2023, 20min

Porter, Directed by Jo Halpin, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 2023, 15min

Programme 4, Saturday 7th October, 2pm, Cineworld, 117min, Buy Tickets

Sparks – The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte, Directed by Ron Mael, Music Video, USA, 2023, 3min

The Unquiet Dead, Directed by John Thomas Gray, Horror, USA, 2022, 12min

Tide, Directed by Laura Murphy, Experimental, Ireland, 2020, 6min,

Lamb, Directed by Sinéad O’Loughlin, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 15min

The Toll, Directed by Anika O’Hagan-Ploug, Animation, Ireland, 2023, 2min

Behind My Drag Queen, Directed by Leonardo Oliveira, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 14min

Boiling Over, Directed by Paulo Miranda, Comedy, Brasil, 2022, 11min

Second Intention, Directed by Jared Rushanan, Drama, USA, 2022, 14min

Come Down, Directed by Fiona Aryan, Drama-Romance, Ireland, 2021, 6min

Staunchly Irish, Directed by Fabio Ciccarelly, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 8min

Eggshells, Directed by Suri Grennell, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 11min

Shadow, Directed by Janna Kemperman, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 15min

Programme 5, Saturday 7th October, 5pm, Cineworld, 120min, Buy Tickets

The Secret Life of Jim, Directed by Emmet Kelly, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 17min

Algorithm Takedown, Directed by Alex Budovsky, Animation-Music Video, USA, 2023, 4min

Pink, Directed by Liviu Marghidan, Drama, Romania, 2022, 28min

Haven, Directed by Maureen OConnell, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 15min

Forever Hold Your Peace, Directed by Jason Branagan, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 14min

How to Listen (you aren’t listening), Directed by Jason Ramasami, Animation, UK, 2023, 2min 

Displaced, Directed by Declan Cassidy, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 20min

Guts, Directed by Álfgerður Malmquist Baldursdóttir, Drama, Germany, 2022, 22min

Programme 6, Saturday 7th October, 8pm, Cineworld, 135min, Buy Tickets

A Christmas Matter, Directed by Edwin Mullane, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 12min

Kevin Walsh: Not a Dry Eye in the House, Directed by Stephen Broekhuizen & Emmet O’Brien & Phillip Connolly, Music Video, Ireland, 2023, 5min

Love Bubbles, Directed by Marcel Hobi, Animation, Switzerland, 2023, 8min

Red Rabbit, Directed by Rory Kerr, Animation-Horror, Ireland, 2022, 5min

Nature Made Multivitamin, Directed by Sarab Sahni, Commercial Advert, USA, 2023, 2min

Knots, Directed by Alek Nowak, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 16min

Dark Cell, Directed by Jean-Michel Tari, Sci-Fi, France, 2023, 25min

The Inheritance, Directed by Donncha Gilmore, Horror, Ireland, 2022, 17min

My Cure and Me, Directed by Alan Bradley, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 13min

The Jennie Show – EP4: In the Hotpot Seat, Directed by Superdog & Kevin Lee, Animation, Taiwan, 2022, 4min

The Street Where You Live, Directed by Myles Brendan O’Reilly, Documentary, Ireland, 2022, 11min

Strangers in The Night, Directed by Tim Hanan, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 11min

Culture Night, Directed by Colm Scully, Animation, Ireland, 2022, 6min

Programme 7, Sunday 8th October, 2:30pm, The Sugar Club, 146min, Buy Tickets

Young Men, Directed by Elle Brooks-Tao, Music Video, UK, 2023, 7min

A Sacred Victim, Directed by Danilo Greco, Drama-Thriller, Italy, 2023, 17min

Mustard, Directed by Hildegard Ryan, Drama, Ireland, 2023, 25min

When Worlds Collide, Directed by Genevieve Sulway, Documentary, UK, 2022, 18min

Safely Feel the Real World, Directed by Jody Xiong, Commercial Advert, China, 2023, 3min

Meeting His Parents, Directed by Lee-Loi Chieng, Drama-LGBTQ, Ireland, 2021, 15min

A Little Chilli, Directed by Esosa Ighodaro, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 8min

Connection, Directed by Jennie Jarvis, Sci-Fi, USA, 2022, 13min

Shee, Directed by John Sweeney, Horror, Ireland, 2023, 8min

Jean Fell in Love, Directed by Romain Roellet, LGBTQ, France, 2022, 20min

Mann Friday-Fight for Me, Directed by Kalai Faye Barlow, Music Video, Zimbabwe, 2022, 4min

Get Out and Drive, Directed by Chris Curley, Documentary, Ireland, 2022, 8min

Programme 8, Sunday 8th October, 5:30pm, The Sugar Club, 163min, Buy Tickets

Lambing, Directed by Katie McNeice, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 18min

Shame, Directed by Chiara Provenzano, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 2022, 4min

A Saddle for Two, Directed by Ian Fallon, LGBTQ-Animation, Ireland, 2022, 7min

One Shot at Life, Directed by Fergus Keane, Comedy, Ireland, 2023, 5min

The Bonk – Trying on Oblivion, Directed by Steve O Connell, Music Video-Sci-Fi, Ireland, 2023, 4min

Thicker Than Water, Directed by Pippa Molony, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 23min

Wild Reconnection, Directed by Anna Konieczna & Deqa Ibrahim, Documentary, Ireland, 2022, 15min

Shitheads, Directed by Cóilín Phelan, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 2022, 13min

Night of the Daniels, Directed by Ciaran McCann & Shaun Doogan, Music Video, Ireland, 2022, 9min

JFK – The Three Miles, Directed by Pamela Finn, Documentary, Ireland, 2023, 20min

Superhuman, Directed by Mícheál Fleming, Drama, Ireland, 2022, 16min

Hares and Foxes, Directed by Roman Mendez, Crime-Drama, Ireland, 2022, 12min

Meeting Mr Samuel, Directed by Rob Leggatt, Comedy, UK, 2023, 17min

The Engels Share at The Sugar Club, 8th October 2023, 8:30pm

21:00 The Awards Ceremony

The Engels Share invite you on a journey into an intimate, Irish-influenced folk-rock universe where sweetness and violent feelings are reconciled.

Their name, a nod to the famous expression “The Angels’ Share” evokes not only the invisible, mysterious part that slowly evaporates from whiskey barrels, but also their music, which distills emotions tinged with subtle aromas and complex flavors. The sounds slowly evaporate over the course of the evening, leaving behind touching melodies and lyrics that resonate long after the concert is over.

The Engels Share offers its own compositions as well as rearranged covers (Rory Gallagher, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, The Beatles, Glen Hansard, etc.).

“If folk music is about depth and delicacy and indie music excels at accessibility and infectiousness, then it is safe to say that Jeremy Engel walks a perfect line between the two camps”

Jeremy Engel

Jeremy Engel releases his debut single “I Don’t Want To Stay” in 2020. The song’s raw emotion serves as the perfect introduction to this new artist’s intimate narrative and adventurous soundscapes.

Mauve Robichez

Mauve has developed a personal sound universe, combining string instruments and electronic sounds, for which she has won several international awards as a composer for film. At the same time, she continues to play live violin with The Engels Share.

Mauve is at your disposal for any collaborative film music projects.