DISFMF 2020 Online on FesthomeTV

Due to Corona Virus the 9th edition of DISFMF will take place online on FesthomeTV

High levels of protection to stream online, this is the way to do it.

About FesthomeTV
The only VOD platform created exclusively for online film festivals. Versatile and highly configurable to adapt to the requirements of all festivals.These are the same DRM systems required by major studios of Hollywood for their films and are used by public platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or iTunes. Your film is highly protected on FesthomeTV. Hollywood-grade DRM Protection ensures that even if your video files are given away, they will not be able to be played without authorisation. A single expiring key is created for each authorised view that allows the content to be played.
Festhome uses Widevine, PlayReady & Fairplay to create an encrypted copy of your film. It is also possible to activate further protection, such as software screen capture protection via HDCP.


Want to prevent users with a proxy, TOR network browsers or VPN access from accessing the content? FesthomeTV proxy detection systems allows blocking the content even more than geo-blocking.

We are able to choose the country that you want to show your film.