2020 Winners

We would like to say thank you to all the filmmakers that have submitted they’re films…, selected and not selected. One day before the festival started the Cineworld Cinema in Dublin have closed down so it looks like we made the best decision to have the festival online and FesthomeTv was the best choice for us. 162 films was a lot of work but we just wanted to keep up with your expectations and the standard of your films, because what makes a good festival? Yes…good films. We just hope for better times next year, and please everyone stay safe.

The 2020 winners are.

Best International Short Film
Divertimento, Directed by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi, 30min, Drama-Mystery, 30 min, France, 2020

Best Director
Alexandre Singh, The Appointment, 20min, Horror, UK, 2019

Best Script
Noel Fuzellier, Mars Colony, Directed by Noel Fuzellier, 35min, Drama-SF, France, 2019

Best Music Video
Darkness, Directed by Yury Yarushnikov, 3min, Music Video, Russian Federation, 2020

Best Horror
Household Demons, Directed by John Gray, 9min, Horror, USA, 2020

Best Comedy
Home Wreckers, Directed by Joe Ferrera, 11min, Comedy, UK, 2019

Best Animation
Gon, The Little Fox, Directed by Takeshi Yashiro, 28min, Animation, Japan, 2019

Best Sound Design
Karim Shaker, Efímera “Ephemeral”, Directed by Paco Peregrín, 3min, Experimental, Spain, 2016

Best Score/Music
Kaspar Kaae, Isa, Directed by Christian Prener and Jens Langkjaer, 10min, Drama, Denmark, 2020

Best Student
Summit of Solitude, Directed by Andreas Bacher, 33min, Drama, Austria, 2020

Best Irish Short
In Orbit, Directed by Katie McNeice, 17min, Drama, Ireland, 2019

Best Actor
Mark McCullough, Alina, Directed by Rami Kodeih, 25min, Drama, USA, 2019

Best Actress
Laia Manzanares, Planet Earth Calling Ana, Directed by Fernando Bonelli, 20min, Drama, Spain, 2019

Best Documentary
12000 Km, Directed by Erik Nylander, 28min, Documentary, Sweeden, 2019