Programme 1, Thursday 6th October, Cineworld 12:00pm

Proclaim!, Directed by Maureen O’Connell, 20min, Ireland 2016, Drama History
Silence, Directed by Dejan Mrkic, 15min, UK and Australia 2016, Drama
Tunisia 2045, Directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac, 4min, France 2016, Science Fiction
Solid, Directed by Patrick O’Shea, 16min, Ireland 2016, Crime-Drama
Rosinha, Directed by Gui Campos, 14min, Brazil 2016, Drama
Miracle on Canary Wharf, Directed by Bradley Porter, 8min, United Kingdom 2016, Drama
Slices, Directed by James Murray, 13min, Ireland 2016, Comedy

Programme 2, Thursday 6th October, Cineworld 14:00pm

Space & Time, Directed by Camps Aureliane, 16min, France 2015, Fiction
Recycled Equestrian, Directed by Jessica Lamb, 8min, Ireland 2016, Documentary
Midnight of my Life, Directed by Phil Davis, 8min, United Kingdom 2016, Comedy-Drama
A Beautiful Death, Directed by Patrick McDermott, 8min, Ireland 2015, Drama
Son, Directed by Cyrus Neshvad, 14min, Luxembourg 2016, Drama
Fuller Democracy, Directed by Jonathan Victory, 13min, Ireland 2016, Documentary
The First Ride, Directed by Stephanos Melikidis, 2min, Cyprus 2016, Advert
The Spark, Directed by Alan Buckley, 19min, Ireland 2016, Romantic Comedy
Misty Mid – Lina Button, Directed by Flavio Gerber, 4min, Switzerland 2015, Music Video

Programme 3, Thursday 6th October, Cineworld 16:00pm

Babe, I fucked Bunbury, Directed by Teresa Bellon and Cesar F Calvillo, 3min, Spain 2016, Comedy
Miah, Directed by Daniel Corcoran, 17min, Ireland 2016, Drama
The Confession, Directed by John La Raw, 20min, South Korea 2015, Drama
In The Valley of the Moon, Directed by Brian Rossney, 14min, Ireland 2015, Drama
The Land of Exodus, Directed by Skinner Myers, 11min, United States 2015, Drama
Date Night, Directed by Ross Carey, 12min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Limoncello, Directed by Alessandro Dioguardi, 13min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Numb, Directed by Dara McConnell, 15min, Ireland 2016, Thriller
Notorious Corn, Directed by Mallory Grolleau, 1 min, France 2015, Animation
Tiger Tiger, Directed by Donnagh FitzPatrick, 12min, Ireland 2015, Drama

Programme 4, Friday 7th October, Cineworld 12:00am

Competition, Directed by Artur Boruzs, 7min, Romania 2015, Drama
Nymphet, Directed by Laura Hermanides, 12min, Belgium-Ireland 2016, Drama
3xLOVE, Directed by Olga Chajdas,, 17min, Poland 2016, Experimental-Drama
Nach Spiel (Aftermath), Directed by Ralf Beyerle, 10min, Germany 2016, Comedy Drama
Just Like a Mother, Directed by Lauren Fee, 11min, Ireland 2016, Documentary
The Blow-In, Directed by Teresa O’Brien, 8min, Ireland 2015, Documentary
Jacked, Directed by Rene Pannevis, 15min, United Kingdom 2015, Drama-Crime
Bio, Directed by William Morgan, 10min, Ireland 2016, Drama

Programme 5,Friday 7th October, Cineworld 14:00pm

Gone Viral, Directed by Charlo Johnson, 7min, Ireland 2016, Comedy
A House Downstairs, Directed by Emily Murray, 4min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Date:Time, Directed by Paul Corey, 15min, Ireland 2016, Drama-Romance
The Observation Level, Directed by Aidan Duffy, 5min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Happy Tuesday, Directed by Wouter van Couwelaar, 19min, Netherlands 2016, Drama
My Mother Once Told Me, Directed by Phil Davin, 7min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Enclave, Directed by Martin Curley and Lauren Shannon-James, 13min, Ireland 2015, Drama-SF
Proposal, Directed by Abraham Tarrush, 6min, Ireland 2016, Drama-Comedy
Dead Sharks, Directed by Nik Barker, 16min, Australia 2015, Drama

Programme 6, Friday 7th of October, Cineworld 16:00pm

The Closet, Directed by Patrick McKnight, 20min, Ireland 2016,
Egreto, Directed by Dimitrios Maggioros, 13min, Greece 2016, Drama
More Than A Barber Shop, Directed by Xandru Fernandez and Fernando Otero, 19min, Ireland 2016, Documentary
Time, Directed by Tim Hanan, 2min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Thorn, Directed by David Scott, 5min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Drop the Hand, Directed by Simon O’Neill, 23min, Ireland 2016, Comedy-Drama
Ergo, Directed by Alice Sephton, 5min, United Kingdom 2016, Drama
F430, Directed by Yassine Qnia, 22min, France 2015, Drama
RCP 5, Directed by Garry Miley, 12min, Ireland 2015, Drama
One Minute of Silence, Directed by Guillaume Renusson, 1min, France 2013, Drama

Programme 7, Saturday 8th October, Cineworld 12:00pm

Istoria Lumina, Directed by Francois Barbier, 10 min, Romania 2016, Drama
The Apparel, Directed by Peter Delaney, 16min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Leave, Directed by Mike Hayes, 15min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Wifey Redux, Directed by Robert McKeon, 22min, Ireland 2016, Comedy-Drama
Ella, Directed by Damien Madden, 8min, Ireland 2015, Documentary
Little Flower, Directed by Brigette Heffernan, 3min, Ireland 2016, Animation
Torsion, Directed by Garrett Lynam, 5min, Ireland 2016, Drama
The Perfect Kiss, Directed by Garrett Lynam, 11min, Ireland 2016, Comedy

Programme 8, Saturday 8th October, Cineworld 14:00pm

Call It as You Wish, Directed by Kiryl Halitsky, 30min, Belarus 2016, Drama
Reverie, Directed by Peter James Melrose, 14min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Staged, Directed by Sonya Mulligan and Rachel Gregan, 19min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Summon Her Children, Directed by Wesley O’Duinn, 25min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Believe It or Not, Directed by Carl Murphy, 6min, Ireland 2016, Comedy-Thriller

Programme 9, Saturday 8th October, Cineworld 16:00pm

Lhari, Directed by Robert Hloz, 27min, Czech Republic 2015, Dark Comedy, Drama
The Presence, Directed by Declan Loftus, 15min, Ireland 2015, Drama
Age of Unreason, Directed by Christophe Louis, 19min, France 2015, Drama
Look Closer, Directed by Aleksander Szeser, 15min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Redo, Directed by Gine Therese Grønner, 15min, Norway 2016, Drama


Programme 10, Sunday 9th October, Sugar Club 14:00pm

Save, Directed by Ivan Sainz-Pardo, 4min, Spain and Germany 2016, Thriller
Moose, Directed by Arka Das, 10min, Australia 2015, Dark Comedy
Minh Tam, Directed by Vincent Maury, 24min, France 2016, Drama-Human Rights
Luz, Directed by Lena Weiss, 15min, Austria 2016, Documentary
Family Bonds, Directed by Takashi Yamamoto, 19min, Japan 2015, Family Drama
Blodimery, Directed by Francisco Denis, 10min, Venezuela 2016, Comedy Film Noir
Rum, Directed by Russell Haigh, 4min, United Kingdom 2016, Animation

Programme 11, Sunday 9th October, Sugar Club 16:00

Bank Robber’s Serenade, Directed by Guillaume De Ginestel, 23min, France 2015, Comedy-Crime
All I Want, Directed by Venika Mitra, 7min, India 2016, Drama
Music Video Project:Veto by Sohn, Directed by Abderrezak Chriette, 5min, Germany 2015, Music Video
Contact, Directed by Stephen Brady, 15min, Ireland 2015, Drama
Drifting, Directed by Alexander Kuribayashi, 2min, Ireland 2016, Music Video
Robot Koch & Delhia de France – ‘Dark Waves’, Directed By Sven D., 4min, United States 2015, Music Video
Circles, Directed by Dean Puckett, 15min, United Kingdom 2015, Comedy Horror
Code Therapy, Directed by Divya Pathak,15min, United Kingdom 2016, Documentary

Programme 12, Sunday 9th October, Sugar Club 18:00

Wait, Directed by Audrey O’Reilly, 12min, Ireland 2015, Drama
The Job Paradox, Directed by Savio Sequeira, 29min, Ireland 2016, Drama
Hand in Hand, Directed by Sarah Dempsey, 10min, Ireland 2015, Documentary
We’ve Got Wings, Directed by Roxana Vilk, 4min, United Kingdom 20165, Music Video
Latchkey Kids, Directed by Elad Goldman, 22min, Israel 2015, Drama
Children’s Allowance, Directed by Brian Stynes, 8min, Ireland 2015, Drama
The Monster, Directed by Bob Pipe, 16min, United Kingdom 2015, Comedy-Horror

20:00pm The Awards Ceremony at The Sugar Club