SKUNKY DOG , directed by James Fitzgerald, 25min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

‘Skunky Dog’ tells the tragic story of Flick, a nineteen year old alcoholic boy who spends his time drinking and dreaming of a better life. Rising star, Ryan McParland (Good Vibrations, 6Degrees) plays Flick, starring alongside Lacy Moore (Emmerdale Farm, Hollyoaks), who took on the role of a young widow who turns his world upside-down by showing him some much needed affection. A local mechanic, played by Peter Ballance (Game of Thrones, Laws of Attraction) sees potential in Flick and offers him the odd bit of work, when he can. This position becomes a challenge for Flick as Mick’s sexual orientation is a topic of debate amongst the local community.


DOWN ON THE CORNER , directed by Nikola & Corina Schwingruber Ilic, 15min, Switzerland, Serbia 2013,(Documentary)

Beer, cigarettes or margarine, the corner store in Sirća has it all. It’s the meeting point of those who didn’t emigrate. No work, no money, but a lot of humour and friendship. Everyday life in central Serbia and maybe soon all over Europe?

BOLERO FOR SURFING IN MORAVIA , directed by Valerio Mendoza Guillén, 35min, Czech Republic 2014,(Comedy, Drama Road Movie)

A trip to give a serenade… A bitter comedy in which the spirit of the Caribbean permeates the membranes of Czech culture, , while the characters of the story make a trip across the consequences of such a process.

MOVING OUT , directed by Sean McCarthy, 4min, USA 2014 (Music Video)

AGAINST THE WALL , directed by Alan Dunne, 10min, Ireland 2013(Drama, Thriller)

After witnessing a gangland murder in his own neighborhood, Mark (Alan Sherlock) and his family are put in danger as he becomes the only one willing to identify the killer.

Programme 10, Sunday 5th of October 13:45, 4Dame Lane 

THE STOWAWAY , directed by Maria Brendle, 19min, Switzerland 2013,(Drama)

After running away from an orphanage, 8-year old Emma believes to have found the perfect hiding place in the apartment of a blind woman named Evelyn then to her, Emma is invisible. But Evelyn is not oblivious to the strange noises in her apartment. She plays along with her little roommate’s silent game of hide-and-seek and eventually learns to see the world through the eyes of a child.

BELINDA BEAUTIFUL , directed by Marianne Blicher, 23min, Denmark 2012,(Drama, Melodrama)

The 14 year old Belinda is not like other girls. She’s neither beautiful nor good at sports, and she has never been kissed. She did kiss her only friend Frederic though, in the storage room at the diner where she works. But he is only 11 and she sort of forced him. But in one aspect Belinda is just like any other teenager – her hormones are raging. Frederic doesn’t quite get her. He’s only interested in dissecting and frying insects and dead animals. So when Belinda falls head over heels for her older handball coach their friendship undergoes the ultimate test.


DINNER FOR ONE , directed by Kevin McGee, 6min, Ireland 2013(Comedy, Drama)

An ageing man turns the disaster of having to eat his hat into something of a triumph. Inspired by Ireland’s current circumstances, and by the words of a former Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence McSwiney: “It is not those who can inflict the most, but those that can suffer the most who will prevail.” McSwiney died on hunger strike in 1920.

FINN , directed by Una Gildea, 3min, Ireland 2014,(Animation, Comedy)


THE RABBIT HOLE , directed by Louise Lewis& Joe Lee, 10min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

With hours of drinking ahead of her and only a large White Rabbit as her friend, Alice is not having a great day. Will following the White Rabbit across the city finally put all her painful memories to rest. This 10 minute short was shot over two days with the filmmakers Joe Lee and Louise Lewis and the artist Gemma Collins. This film is Lewis’s artistic response to her 12 weeks spent in Sundial house, a low threshold house for people who have experienced extended periods of street homelessness and have entrenched alcohol use issues.

Programme 11, Sunday 5th of October 15:00, 4Dame Lane

ALEGRIA – A HUMANITARIAN EXPEDITION , directed by Christoph von Toggenburg, 29min, Switzerland 2013,(Documentary)

Director: Christoph von Toggenburg has managed to change the life of thousands around the world through his humanitarian efforts. Having studied in the UK and Italy he graduated with two MA’s and a BA. From 1998 to 2010 he launched three international fundraising and awareness campaigns such as Alegria, a humanitarian bicycle expedition across the Himalaya, Bike for Help a solo bicycle expedition from India to Switzerland for leprosy patients and Run for Help, a solo Ultrathon running 270km across the Alps for homeless children. He is the founder and chairman of the Colour the World Foundation helping people affected by mental illness and leprosy. Christoph has lived and worked for the last ten years in conflict zones in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America working for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations helping people affected by armed conflict. For the last 20 years he has photographed and filmed social issues all over the world. For his visual work, public talks and his humanitarian efforts he has received various international awards. He was decorated with the Commanders Cross in 2003 and was a speaker at TEDx in 2012.

Director’s Statement : STAY HUNGRY FOR LIFE…IT ROCKS!

ONE DAY OF CHRISTMAS , directed by Mel Cannon, 11min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

Five years after the bailout, there are many victims who are now paying the price for the Ponzi Scheme that was the backbone of the Celtic Tiger years. The dust of austerity is settling hard on the island and the government is holding those responsible accountable. Some of the culprits flee the country, leaving their unsuspecting and foolish families who thought it was all good and never-ending to hold the bag. This film focuses on a typical mother / teenage son relationship in an atypical scenario on St. Stephen’s Day 2013. Their Christmas holiday celebrations come to an abrupt close as the deadline for prisoner’s Temporary Release approaches. As the Mother drives her son to Mountjoy Prison, they discuss appeals as well as the Mother’s foolhardy marriage to a scoundrel who left them to face the consequences of his fraudulent activities. At the prison gates, the mother leaves her son with a plan to survive. Her big punishment is not being able to see her son who is fast growing up to become the man of the family. Conveying a sense of a privileged life, the film addresses the reality of the consequences of participating – no matter how ignorant one claims to be– in fraudulent activities.

A FINE DAY FOR BANANAFISH , directed by Stefan Malesevic, 25min, Serbia 2014,(Psychological Drama)

Sima Lenovi a man from Serbia in his thirties, is a war veteran from the 90s Kosovo war. After returning from the battles he suffers from PTSD and is having a hard time fitting back to his life. He’s changed, sees things differently and even his closest ones label him as a damaged person, which makes the return to ‘normal’ even harder. Sima and his wife, Mara, take a vacation to a beautiful lake resort in Ohrid, Macedonia in an attempt to rediscover their love, but it seems they are so different that no real love was possible even before his war experience. The time away from home only gave Sima a more objective view of his life. They don’t talk much in the car on the way and once there she spends most of the time inside their room, while he lies alone on the beach. Mara’s mother is on the phone with her, worried about her well-being since Sima has shown signs of psychical instability and his erratic behavior worries everybody. None of them, however, worry about him and his feelings, just about the consequences of his actions on their lives. The only person he is able to have a normal conversation with is a young girl on the beach, who doesn’t notice his strangeness and doesn’t label. He tries to transfer his experience to her in the form of children’s stories filled with metaphors, hoping that it might help her choose her life path more wisely.

BEOIR A TALE OF IRELAND’S CRAFT ALE , directed by Sean Monaghan, 23min,    Ireland,(Documentary)

Beoir, (the Irish word for beer), is a short film about the emerging Irish craft brewery scene, showcasing The Donegal brewing company, Innishmacsaint brewing company, Mescan brewing company, Kinnegar brewing company and Poker Tree brewing company. These This film showcases not only the breweries but the Island of Ireland itself. Listen to the brewers tell their story in their own words and follow them on their journey at the very start of this emerging craft brewing scene in Ireland.new mainly farmhouse breweries are based on the wonderful green island of Ireland. From under Irelands holy mountain Croagh Patrick to the lakes of Fermanagh, Beoir is a fascinating and beautifully shot film. Music by Stray Theories “Even though we sleep” www.straytheoriesmusic.com And Irish band (formerly Ladydoll: “Genetics”, (Currently Noir Noir).