DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, directed by Antonia Matter, 3min, Switzerland 2014,(Animation, Comedy)

Synopsis:In an old hunter’s cabin, a young woman finds a diamond which is guarded by a frog. After a hard fight the woman finally holds the diamond in her hands. However, she cannot enjoy her triumph for long.


THE KNUTTEL CODE, directed by Ivan Cummmins, 13min, Ireland 2014,(Art/Installation)


CONTRE JOUR, directed by Kaloyan Paterkov&Val Todorov, 27min, Bulgaria,(Drama)

This is the story of a young photographer, who is obsessed with his beautiful girlfriend, an old camera and Roland Barthes. He insists that his black and white pictures reveal deeper levels of reality. The poetry of streets protests, the antique shop, the red light in his photo lab, the nightclub Maze, the mirrors and the sex – this is the canvas of his confession and existential angst. However, why does he confess to the man at the bar? Are his black and white pictures a true representation of reality? Or is it all just an elaborate reconstruction of deceitful montage?
Directors’ Biographies:
Val Todorov is a writer, director, visionary, activist. He finished Physics at Sofia University and MFA program in Film and Media Arts at Temple University, Philadelphia. His science fiction book “Irkalla, the Land of the Dead” was a Bulgarian bestseller. He was a co-founder of Bulgarian Indymedia.org. He is the director of the full-length feature film “Bulgaria, This Eternal Heresy” (2014) and the short “Contre Jour” (2014).

GUNPLAY, directed by Jason O’Mahony, 10min, Ireland 2013,(Comedy)

Inspired by Raymond Chandler’s advice to crime writers – “When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand” – Gunplay is a comic homage to the hard-boiled crime genre of the 1940s. Nightclub singer Velma fell hard for a double-crossing rat named Harry. Now he’s trying to go on the lam with her half of the money they stole from gangster Eddie Jupiter. She’s hot on his trail but she’s not the only one. And they’re all packing heat.

AMY, directed by Bertrand Faucounau, 20min, France 2014,(Drama)

Marc is a postman. One day, he meets Amy, a young english hitchicker on a trip on Brittany coast. Between Saint-Malo and Saint-Brieuc, they will meet, lose sight of each other, meet again and finally part. During walks on the seashore and parties with friends, Amy will unveil her secret…

TALL TALES PART 2, directed by Jon Turner, 1,49min, UK 2014,(Animation, Comedy)


Programme 8, Saturday 4th of October 16:30, 4Dame Lane 

EVERY DAY IS A SMALL LIFE, directed by Albane Fioretti &Lou-Brice Léonard , 27min, France 2014(Drama)

A council estate on the Mediterranean coast. Living in a modest caravan amongst the tower blocks, Rachel, 80 years old, dreams of returning to her native Algeria. Her son Simon doesn’t want to know anything about it. Stella, her grand-daughter, describes them as “A really awful family”. Fortunately they are surrounded by the good humour of Yazid, alias Gino, and the entire neighbourhood…

NAIVE , directed by Marie Enthoven , 11min, Belgium 2013 ,(Drama)

On her birthday, Emma discovers that her life is a lie from witch her mother holds the strings. Her lover, her friends, all seem to be paid to surround her. While she’s trying to know the truth behind this.

THE PHONE CALL , directed by Tudor Chiriac, 10min, Romania 2014, (Comedy)

Mihai has something important to say to Matei and he can’t tell him over the phone.

LONELY HEARTS , directed by Leon Chambers, 11min, UK 2013,(Drama, Horror)


Lonely serial killer Henrik may have found a kindred spirit. But the course of true crime never did run smooth…

Director: Leon Chambers

Leon’s short films have played at film festivals all over the world. His latest film “Lonely Hearts” has screened at a number festivals including St. Louis Int. Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Cleveland Int. Film Festival and won ‘Best Short Film’ at the Chicago United Film Festival in 2013. One of his earlier films “The Long Lonely Walk” picked up the same award three years earlier. His last short film “Office Romance 2.0″ a weird and wonderful comedy about a woman’s affection for an unlikely work colleague screened at the prestigious Shorts, Shorts and Asia Festival in Japan and was offered exclusive distribution in Japan. After eight short films, Leon is now moving into features and has a number of projects in development.

RED EMPIRE: SMALL MERCIES , directed by Daragh Murphy, 4min, Ireland 2014, (Music Video)

LIFE IN THE TIME OF ADVERTISING , directed by David Bokser&Matt Berenty, 8min, USA 2013,(Animation)

An animated musical about a billboard advertiser who falls in love with a girl and has to use the only method he knows to deliver his message – advertising.