ROLI , directed by Mary O’Gorman&Aoife Maguire, 8min, Ireland 2014,(Documentary)

Synopsis: “A world without music would be a very lonely sad place”. Music is Roli’s salvation. Growing up in the 1970′s in Belfast during the troubles, was an experience for him and his family that could have shaped his entire life but ultimately he has found his peace and happiness as a Luthier. We get an insight into how he makes his guitars and he explains the source of his passion for music. He introduces us to his coniards, Oscar and Ollie who he describes as his children, its evident how caring he is. Following him back to his youth he describes his broken home and the tragedy of the bomb that caused his sister’s death. Admitting that he easily could have lost his way at this point, Roli describes how the kindness of a stranger encouraged him to leave Belfast instead. The world was an eye opening experience for Roli but through all his years abroad there was something missing, he wanted to find home again. He returned to Ireland but decided to settle in Dublin where he found his calling in the music industry. His only regret is losing touch with his mother throughout those years but we follow him back to Belfast so that he can proudly introduce her to us. Roli sings his own song, “Three Crosses” and the beautiful haunting lyrics fade under the image of him smiling.banner-14501

THE FIRE , directed by Artem Volchkov, 25min, Russia 2013,(Drama)


Synopsis: The son of a country priest runs from his house after an argument with his father, but he is forced to come back to save his family.

Director Artem Volchkovdirector-2554

BAD VIBRATIONS, CHRONICLE OF A MECHANICAL INFIDELITY , directed by David Pérez Sañudo&Flavia Santos, 19min, Spain 2014,(Drama, Eroticism, Fantasy,)






Synopsis: Human or mechanical? That’s the question that shakes Fernando’s mind (Aitor Mazo) when his calm and controlled life gets altered when he discovers a dildo in his wife’s wardrobe. Is it something more than a substitute? Too many questions. A sick obsession overwhelms him and drags him into extreme situations when trying to find a reason. A Single passage unexplored lands, no turning back. A psychological trip through the mind of the main character looking for answers.

Directors: David Pérez Sañudo&Flavia Santos



THE RATTLE OF BENGHAZI, directed by Paco Torres, 11min, Ireland 2012,(Drama)

Adel and Hana (2)


Synopsis: This film is a journey to the innocence of children, brother- Adel (Ahmed Nafa) and sister -Hana (Nouseba Abdurrazag), against the barbarian of war, in this case in Libya 2011.





I’VE JUST HAD A DREAM , directed by Javi Navarro, 7min, Spain 2013,(Drama)

POSTER english

Synopsis: Helen is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.






Director: Javi Navarro is an Industrial Engineering.Javier spent several years working as an assistant director to renowned film directors in Spain.He studied film directing at Valencia cinema school.Films (screenplay and direction):“The center of the world” short film (2010), “I’ve just had a dream” short film (2013)photo director


AFTER , directed by David Lynch, 14min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)






Synopsis: A young woman, Sophie, must come to terms with the recent death of her fiancé. However, in a world interconnected through the internet and social media, death has become far more complicated. The person may leave this world but their connections and tethers linger. Sophie must overcome her grief and sever her fiancé’s final link to her world. She must find the courage to finally let go. It is the aftermath of death that many forget. The small details. The minute memories. Sometimes the most tragic grief is not so obvious but found in these details and memories. Sometimes the tragedy happens after.