BRIDGE TO KINDNESS , directed by Stephen Gibson, 4 min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)  

Synopsis: A young girl begs on a Dublin bridge, but what are her motives? http://www.rcamediaproductions.com/Bridge-to-Kindness–Short-Film.html Director Stephen Gibson was Born in Dublin, Ireland and educated to degree level in sales and marketing, Stephen has been involved in the stage and the entertainment business from a very young age including as a Billie Barry Kid. In 2007, with a desire to get back involved in stage and screen he completed further training at Film Base, Dublin and additional workshops which included a ‘Method Actor Training’ workshop with Robert Castle, (Artistic Director of International Theatre New York).

JUST ASK…. , directed by Paul Robert Lingas, 13min, USA 2014,(Comedy Romance)

Synopsis:Tim and Kelly keep running into each other and though it’s pretty clear the attraction is mutual, Tim can’t find the right thing to say until it’s too late. Or is it? Director: Paul Robert Lingas ,a native of Portland, Oregon, Paul received a double BA in English Literature and Spanish at the University of Oregon before earning his MFA at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television. His award winning film Wide Awake in Nothing has screened at numerous festivals worldwide and on the Independent Film Channel. He has produced, written and directed a number of other award winning films, many episodes of a web based sit-com, as well as a commercial for a New York based social media company. His screenwriting work includes original screenplays, as well as working as a freelance screenwriter, script doctor and editor. Paul has been commissioned to write and rewrite feature screenplays for a variety of production companies in Los Angeles, New York, London and Athens.

 SHOOTING OLIVER , directed by Daniel Clements, 17min, Canada 2013,(Comedy)

Synopsis: What happens when the method becomes the madness? Shakespearean actor Oliver Lawrence must defend his method amid the madness of a major blockbuster film set as a serious budget deadline looms. Director: Daniel Thomas Neal Clements was born and raised in Oshawa, ON, Canada. His first film was made at the age of 6, which was done by removing the television from the TV stand, using the platform as a stage, and filming a paper bag puppet show. Since then he has graduated from Sheridan College with an Advanced Diploma in Media Arts, and York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film. “Patient” marks his last film made as a film school student, which has gone on to over 40 festivals worldwide, has been nominated for over 30 awards, and has won over 25. He has been working professionally in the film and television industry since he was 17 and has successfully executed almost every professional position in almost every industry department. His films have been all over the world, have sold for distribution, have won numerous awards and have premiered at A-List, ©Academy Award Qualifying Film Festivals. “Shooting Oliver” is his latest directorial offering, which is one of his last short projects before his feature film debut.

MADE OF STONE , directed by Sebastian Olivari, 9min, Chile 2013,(Drama, Narrative)

Synopsis: A man who play mime in the street fall in love with a beautiful and mystery woman http://www.krakovia.cl/ Director  Sebastian Olivari

ANTHONY , directed by Jonathan van Tulleken, 15 min, UK 2013,(Comedy)


Synopsis: Christmas eve. An enormous explosion tears through the winter woods of Lapland, burning presents, like festive shrapnel, hurtle through the dusk sky. Santa and his Elf, Anthony, have crash-landed, in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night. It’s a perilous situation for the festive duo: all the reindeer are dead except a badly injured Rudolph and the sleigh is a flaming wreck. On top of this Anthony’s best elf friend Jonathan hangs dead in one of the trees and Santa, a brutal alcoholic taskmaster at the best of times, seems to care only for himself. In fact Santa’s not worried at all, people will be looking high and low for “this ideal guy” he reasons, he’s more interested in celebrating Christmas and not letting some of the treats that survived the crash go to waste. After all, just because the rest of the world isn’t going to get Christmas doesn’t mean he shouldn’t, the ingredients for a great day are all around them. But Anthony’s not getting into the spirit. He’s thinking more along the lines of rationing and hypothermia. Sure, Christmas is fun but Boxing Day’s always a let down and this one’s going to be no different; the weather’s growing worse, Ruldolph’s red nose is fading by the hour and Jonathan won’t bury himself. But he’s subservient by nature and it’s obvious that he’s going to have to learn to stand up to Santa before he can stand up to mother nature. As the chocolate coins run out and it doesn’t turn out so great for Ruldolph, Anthony and Santa set about saving themselves and Christmas by using only toys and their wits. This year Christmas, isn’t going to be about goodwill, it’s going to be about savage, brutal, survival… and a whole load of toys. Director Jonathan van Tulleken is currently directing the entire second series of BAFTA-winning TOP BOY for Channel 4. Prior to this he directed the 2nd block of Series 4 of the BAFTA-winning MISFITS for Clerkenwell Films and E4 after directing the two final episodes of Series 3. Jonathan is slated to direct the adaptation of his 2010 BAFTA-nominated short film OFF SEASON as his feature debut. Following a degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University, Jonathan graduated from Columbia University Film School with an MFA in film directing and writing. He went on to direct several short films, some of which were included in BBC 3 sketch show COWARDS and in Tim Key’s 2009 Edinburgh Award Winning show THE SLUTCRACKER.

WE ARE FRIENDS , directed by Carlos Solano Pérez, 13min, Spain 2013,(Comedy, Drama)

Synopsis:What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio (a young businessman of an apparently reliable firm) finds himself when he learns that Santi, along with twenty four other workers under his service, has to be fired. His boss and friend Max tries to advise him on how to handle the situation, but it soon becomes increasingly entangled. Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a short film that seeks to explore the limits between friendship and work… if they exist at all. Director Carlos Solano (Madrid, 1988) graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid in 2011. Being one of the most prominent directors of his class, he created a group with some of his colleagues called El Punto C Creaciones, working as a director, a producer and an editor of video clips and commercials for firms and groups such as the Spanish NGO organization Medicos del Mundo, Obra Social Caja Madrid or Club Deportivo Leganes S.A.D.At the same time, he combined these studies with courses in video editing with AVID before taking his Masters in Film Direction at ESCAC, where he run many workshops. This is his first big short film. Carlos was selected by ESCAC FILMS amongst the best students of his class and awarded with the production and distribution of Somos Amigos (We Are Friends).