THE TIME OF THE WATER , directed by Shahriar Adham El Kosht, 13min, Argentina 2014, (Drama)

Synopsis: Today is a very important and tense day for Rosa. She has decided to leave the safety of her home, and will attempt to meet her estranged lover with whom she hasn’t spoken in years. But in doing so, she also leaves her past and secrets vulnerable to be discovered by others. She asks her neighbor to stay in her house during her absence, but things don’t go as planned.

Director Shahriar Adham El Kosht. Between 2004-2007 Shahriar Adham El Kosht was formed in Cinema and TV Production as well as in Communication Sciences, in his hometown, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Always versatile, Shahriar has participated in over thirty films or short films  as director, editor, writer and / or actor shot in Argentina, Chile, US, Egypt, Dubai and Canada. During those years he has coordinated the commercial and institutional campaign for “Van Thienen Clinic” and assisted on productions for “Bridgestone” and “Rally Dakar-2010″.  Since he moved to Canada in 2010, he’s been acting for several short films and obtained his first leading role in the feature film “Marche sur le vent”, recently submitted to the Cannes Film Festival also worked as a freelance scriptwriter. Presently established in Montreal, he wishes to find the time after work to remain creating independent films such as “El tiempo del Agua” (2014).

MOKUSATSU , directed by Nour Gharbi, 16min, Italy 2013, (Drama Melodrama Romantic)

Synopsis: Osaka. In a small, typical apartment live Keiko and Takashi, a young couple who are very much in love. Keiko is a teacher and Takashi works at home, as a housekeeper. The stability between the two ruptures when Takashi starts, out of the blue, to not speak anymore…


WHAT A MESS , directed by Alexandre Bancel, 7min, Belgium 2014,(Comedy)

Synopsis:Last night Pierre Had a great party at his house and it’s a huge big mess. A hell of a party ! But today’s the day when his ex-girl friend, Caroline, decide to visit him. He has a hour to clean all it up and prove to her that he has a grown up and is responsible. The first movie in history where housework becomes an intrigue.

PORK CHOP , directed by Eoin O’Neill, 3min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

Synopsis: Dinner party etiquette can be a tricky minefield to navigate at the best of times – something Frank knows all to well. When the last remaining pork chop is offered to him he tries his best to politely decline. As the host and other guests persist, Frank starts to become paranoid. What are they insinuating? Of course, Frank does indeed want that delicious slab of meat but he’s not about to let on. Instead, he devises a cunning plan to change the subject and be free of that juicy succulent tormentor. Pork Chop was filmed in one day with zero budget.

Director Eoin O’Neill graduated from DCU with a BA in Journalism. After making a documentary for RTE2 called Social Networking on Trial he turned his attention to filmmaking. He has just completed a Masters course in Digital Feature Film Production at Filmbase, where he co-directed the feature film The Light of Day.




ON THE THRESHOLD , directed by Anastasia Kratidi, 19min, Greece 2013,(Drama)

Synopsis: A portrait of a young girl who lives with her family in an isolated farmhouse in the Greek countryside.

Director Anastasia Kratidi was Born in Volos, Greece, in 1983. Attended various artistic fields, like ceramics, drawing, sculpture and art history, before reaching cinema . Lives in Athens after obtaining the Master degree on Cinema and Audiovisual Direction at the University of Paris VIII.