OH! MY PRINCESS , directed by Heewook Sa, 16min, Republic of Korea 2013,(Drama)

Synopsis: Sooncheol is a taxi driver and single father, raising his high school student daughter since his divorce. One night, a student passenger takes his taxi. On the way to her destination, Sooncheol looks embarrassed by the student’s violent verbal abuse. After a while, he realizes that she goes to the apartment complex where he lives. After that, he is dominated by weird and furtive thoughts. He comes to the conclusion himself and constantly suspects the student in the rear seat without his knowledge. As his taxi arrives at her destination, Sooncheol makes a cruel decision.

Director Heewook Sa has graduated from Korean National University of Arts, majored Film Directing B.F.A 09’ Sogang University Graduated School of Film & TV M.F.A (majored Film Directing) 13’ Sogang University Graduated School of Film & TV Ph.D (majoring Film study) 14’

[Oh! My Princess – Production Notes]
It took about 7 months to prepare for scenario and pre-production phase. The film was shot for 4 weeks and done 5 times in split during the process. Post-production lasted for 4 months. The total budget of film production stood at KRW 13 million (approx. USD 12,740).

ALICIA’S MASK , directed by Noel Brady, 6min, Ireland 2013,(Drama)

Synopsis: Internet dating, ever tried it? Well Alicia Heart did, and after a year of being on her own she felt it time to take control, time to take her life back, time to change… That said, some changes are more difficult than others.

Director Noel Brady worked free-lance in past with RTÉ, Setanta Sports and Armore Studios. Since establishing Phoenix Artz, past clients include, The Gaiety School of Acting, IADT, UCD, DIT, Barnardos, IFA, Cross-Care, Educate Together, Trócaire, Brodericks Chocolate and Underground Cinema.


WHERE WE ARE , directed by Ilker Çatak, 14min, Germany 2013,(Drama)

Synopsis: Due to her heroin addiction Christina Semnik has lost custody of her nine-year-old daughter Paula and now finds herself in stationary treatment. When she visits Paula for the first time in her new foster family, Daniela is afraid of losing her forever. She convinces the girl to set forth on a journey into the unknown. But eventually, Paula has to make a choice…

Director Ilker Çatak is born in 1984 in Berlin. Later he lives in Istanbul, does his Abitur and then moves back to Berlin to study directing film&television. His bachelor thesis on the turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan is published in 2010. In 2011 he is granted a scholarship from German national TV in which he writes his first feauture film. On the side he directs commercials. Since 2012 he takes his Master’s class in filmdirecting at Hamburg Media School.


RUE ROYALE , directed by Malko Van den Borre, 25min, Belgium 2013,(Drama)

Synopsis: Ila & Flynn are trying to enjoy their life, while living in a squat in Brussels City. Although they seem untouchable by the government & have a wonderful time together, both of them feel like they’re uncontrollably losing grip on each other. While they struggle with the challenges of their life-style, Ila starts to realize that her love for Flynn won’t be enough to ensure a future together. After a dangerous incident, Ila decides to open up to Flynn & to put him before an ultimatum that will change their lives forever.


SUBS , directed by Anthony Assad, 13min, Ireland 2014,(Drama, Comedy)

Synopsis: Tim and Sammy are accustomed to watching their lives unfold from the sidelines both on and off the field until they find themselves waiting by the roadside after the game with only each other for company. When minutes become hours and there still is not a sign of their parents they decide to team up and take matters into their own hands.

Director Anthony Assad have recently completed a degree course in Film and TV Production at the National Film School at IADT. He majored in direction and produced a 13 min short which I am in the process of sending to festivals. He also minored in sound design and recorded location sound across two other final year films.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4375185/

THE FIGHT , directed by Keith Mannix, 13 min, Ireland 2014 (Documentary)

Synopsis: Beneath the frenzy of cockfighting in the Philippines is the curious relationship between the Filipino man, and his treasured idol whom he sends to battle

Director biography :As an independent filmmaker, Keith Mannix, has an interest in exploring simple subjects, human life as it is, and giving it rich context and depth. In 2007, his debut short, Death in the West, won the Claire Lynch award at the Cork Film Festival. In 2010, The Christmas Swim, won the Audience Award at the Kerry Film Festival and the Best Documentary award at Clones. The same short was part of the Short Shorts program of that year and was shown in over 80 cities across the world! ! The Fight(2014) is his first production since 2010.!