BLIND DATE, directed by Alan Markey&Marta Lasek, 4min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

Synopsis: Alicja is a Polish girl living in Dublin. She is waiting on O’Connell St. for her date for the evening who is late. Alan arrives 20 minutes later. He excuses himself by explaining that he has been busy preparing everything for what will be a very special evening. But there’s one catch: to add to the surprise Alicja has to wear a blindfold. She reluctantly agrees and places it over her eyes. The next time she takes it off she is standing in the middle of a dense forest beside a makeshift campsite: a tent; a fire; and Alan! The date goes from bad to worse when Alan reveals his culinary surprise for the pair of them – genuine Army issue rations! Alicja not surprisingly, is unimpressed with the disgusting food and gets up to leave. Alan informs her that it is too late to leave – the last bus has already gone and it will be dark soon. Alicja throws the food at his and storms off. Alan chases after her insisting that she will be much safer staying put with him. To re-enforce his point he produces his previously unseen 12″ Survival Knife! Alicja is terrified but remains calm. She pretends to have to go to the bathroom but runs away as fast as she can through the darkening woods while Alan waits for her at the campsite, sharpens his knife by the campfire – alone.


JOINED AT THE HIP  , directed Niall Glennon, 28min, Ireland 2014(Drama)

Synopsis: Caroline is young lady on a life or death search in Dublin, Ireland. She seeks help from the people she meets on her journey. At the same time we have a young man with a twisted outlook on life, preying on any young ladies who are unfortunate enough to cross his path.


TILL THEN  , directed by Benjamin Wolff, 20min, Germany 2014,(Drama, Romantic)

Synopsis: Albert and Marta, both in their late 70s, live across the street from one another in a bustling section of Berlin’s Mitte. Every day, the two neighbors meet – each in their perspective windows – at nine am to watch the world unfold below them. One morning, the clock strikes nine but there is no sign of Albert. Tapping into a well of courage, Marta crosses social and personal boundaries and makes a trip to the other side of the street. What she finds there, unleashes a youthful energy within herself. With this newfound strength, she comforts and surprises her dear neighbor and friend.


GARDEN’S ROAD  , directed by Olga Osorio&Juan Galiñanes, 5min, Spain 2014,(Music Video)

Director: Juan Galiñanes & Olga Osorio

Juan Galiñanes is the director of Holy Night! an animation movie produced by DygraFilms (El bosque animado El sueño de una noche de San Juan Espíritu del bosque), released in United States in december of 2013. He began in audiovisual in 2002 with the short movie Coma Nunca (2002) as a student work in Escuela de Imaxe e Son- A Coruña nominated to Maestre Mateo Awards. In 2003 he joins DygraFilms and works since them in every project from the galician studio. He was the editor of Spirit of the Forest (nominated to Goya’s Awards in the Best Animated Movie) and Midsummer Dream (Premio Goya a la mejor película de animación) with what Juan Galiñanes won the Mestre Mateo for the Editing and Best Technical Execution in a Cinematographic Production in the III Premios de la Revista de Producción Profesional (november 2005). In those years he was also the director of the short movie El bufón y la infanta nominated to Goya’s Awards 2008 besides many national awards. Juan Galiñanes has written as well “Quien a hierro mata” a long movie script whose rights have been bought by Vaca Films production. Now is working on “Fatum” his next long movie project.

Olga Osorio is Media teacher in the Image and Sound School and of Cinematography and Lighting in the Faculty of Communication Sciences in the UDC Olga Osorio has an extensive career in which outstands her work in various media as a journalist and her artistic production mainly developed in the field of photography. In the audiovisual field has recently been the cinematographer of the spots “O viño que sabe a festa” twice nominated for Mestre Mateo galician national awards and producer and first assistant director in the short movie “3-1=0″ directed by Juan Galiñanes and winner of several important national prizes as Mestre Mateo to the Best Short Film or “Carlos Saura” Award for the Best Short Film in Festival de Cine de Zaragoza. She is also the author of several books and research papers the most recent of them a study about the film “Solaris” (Andrei Tarkovsky) published in 2013 by Nau Llibres.

THE VISIT  , directed by , Mohamed Karim , 14min, Egypt 2014,(Drama)

Synopsis:A son visits his sick father to try fixing their relationship before its too late , not having spoken for a long time , the two struggle to trust and love each other , both incriminating the other for mistakes of the past .

GROUNDED , directed by Alexis Michalik, 19min, France 2014,(Drama)

Synopsis: Evelyne has to fly to London unexpectedly to go to her mother’s funeral. But, as she is about to embark, she can’t find her newborn baby’ ID… This is the beginning of a long day’s struggle, as gruelling as it is absurd, against the unbending rules of administration. Until she comes across Stephanie, a young ground hostess, who’s used to obeying orders automatically. Still, at the sight of this powerless young mother confronted by bureaucracy, Stephanie discovers what means most to her: her humanity and her will to fight. “Grounded” tells the story of these two women whose paths just happen to cross, of these two destinies that converge, but mostly, of their fight against the absurdity of the system.