The 11th Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival is happening from 7th-9th October, in Cineworld and The Sugar Club, and, we will be screening 84 shorts and music videos from 27 countries like Ireland, Indonesia, Bulgaria, South Korea, Lebanon, China, Romania, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Israel, Nepal, Canada, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Sudan, Japan, Norway, Iran, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, USA and UK.
The short films are diverse, from narative dramas to music videos, LGBTQ, comedies, horror, adverts, animations, sci-fi, documentary, romance, and docudramas and there are 14 awards for, the best international short, best Irish short, best director, best documentary, best comedy, best music videos, best music/score, best student, best actress, best actor, best LGBTQ, best horror, best animation and best sci-fi.
After the last screening at the sugar club we have live pan-flute performance from Julian Pușca, and we are closing the with the awards ceremony at the Sugar Club, around 9pm.
To mention that in the last programme, at 6pm at the Sugar Club we have the 2021 Academy Awards nominated short documentary named Hunger Ward, directed by Skye Fitzgerald, and this is his second Academy Awards nomination for a short documentary. The first one was The Life Boat, and we had it in the programme in 2019. We have guests and filmmaker coming from abroad from different countries and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Cineworld and The Sugar Club.
The networking and chatting opportunities will be in both places, Cineworld and The Sugar Club. We will be having Q&A with the directors and producers available after each screening. We give to all the filmmakers and their films the same and our best attentions and we hope everyone will have a good experience as we will try our best for them.
The nominations for each category will be announced on Saturday the 8th.
For more info like synopsis, trailers and posters, from each film please go to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.
Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite or at the doors. For more information please go to www.disfmf.ie or simply just Google Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival.