KIKO’S PARADISE , directed by Paco Gisbert, 9min, Spain 2014(Animation)

RECOIL , directed by Richard Keaney, 20min, Ireland 2014(Drama)

NAIVE , directed by Marie Enthoven , 11min, Belgium 2013 ,(Drama)

EVERY DAY IS A SMALL LIFE , directed by Albane Fioretti &Lou-Brice Léonard , 27min, France 2014(Drama)

LIFE IN THE TIME OF ADVERTISING , directed by David Bokser&Matt Berenty, 8min, USA 2013,(Animation)

TORN , directed by Karen McGrath , 6min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

BOLERO FOR SURFING IN MORAVIA , directed by Valerio Mendoza Guillén, 35min, Czech Republic 2014,(Comedy, Drama Road Movie)

RED EMPIRE: SMALL MERCIES , directed by Daragh Murphy, 4min, Ireland 2014, (Music Video)

THE TIME OF THE WATER , directed by Shahriar Adham El Kosht, 13min, Argentina 2014, (Drama)

ROLI , directed by Mary O’Gorman&Aoife Maguire, 8min, Ireland 2014,(Documentary)

THE FIRE , directed by Artem Volchkov, 25min, Russia 2013,(Drama)

EXTREME PINOCCHIO , directed by Pascal Chind, 25min, France 2014,(Comedy, Fantasy Film Noir)

MARIA , directed by Mariana Marques, 17min, UK 2013, (Drama, Melodrama Sexual)

BAD VIBRATIONS. CHRONICLE OF A MECHANICAL INFIDELITY , directed by David Pérez Sañudo&Flavia Santos, 19min, Spain 2014,(Drama, Eroticism, Fantasy,)

MOKUSATSU , directed by Nour Gharbi, 16min, Italy 2013, (Drama Melodrama Romantic)

WE ARE FRIENDS , directed by Carlos Solano Pérez, 13min, Spain 2013,(Comedy, Drama)

THE PHONE CALL , directed by Tudor Chiriac, 10min, Romania 2014, (Comedy)

MOVING OUT , directed by Sean McCarthy, 4min, USA 2014 (Music Video)

I’VE JUST HAD A DREAM , directed by Javi Navarro, 7min, Spain 2013,(Drama)

BRIDGE TO KINDNESS , directed by Stephen Gibson, 4min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

THE TROUBLE WITH AOIBHE , directed by Ross Carey, 10min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

RAMBLER , directed by Patrick Quagliano, 24min, USA 2014,(Crime, Action)

I’VE BEEN A SWEEPER , directed by Ciarán Dooley, 12min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

HUMANEXUS , directed by Ying-Fang Shen, 10min, USA 2013,(Animation)

HOME MADE , directed by Mark Sheridan, 13min, Ireland 2014(Drama)

THE RATTLE OF BENGHAZI, directed by Paco Torres, 11min, Ireland 2012,(Drama)

SOPHIE , directed by Alex Lombard, 13min, USA 2014,(Drama Romance)

LONELY HEARTS , directed by Leon Chambers, 11min, UK 2013,(Drama, Horror)

GARDEN’S ROAD , directed by Olga Osorio&Juan Galiñanes, 5min, Spain 2014,(Music Video)

ALEGRIA – A HUMANITARIAN EXPEDITION , directed by Christoph von Toggenburg, 29min, Switzerland 2013,(Documentary)

JUST ASK…. , directed by Paul Robert Lingas, 13min, USA 2014,(Comedy Romance)

THE VISIT , directed by Mohamed Karim, 14min, Egypt 2014,(Drama)

OH! MY PRINCESS , directed by Heewook Sa, 16min, Republic of Korea 2013,(Drama)

SHOOTING OLIVER , directed by Daniel Clements, 17min, Canada 2013,(Comedy)

GREAT , directed by Andreas Henn, 23min, Germany 2013,( Comedy, Drama)

ON THE THRESHOLD , directed by Anastasia Kratidi, 19min, Greece 2013,(Drama)

DOWN ON THE CORNER , directed by Nikola & Corina Schwingruber Ilic, 15min, Switzerland, Serbia 2013,(Documentary)

LOVE IS BLIND , directed by Niall Byrne, 3min, Ireland 2013,(Animation)

THE STOWAWAY , directed by Maria Brendle, 19min, Switzerland 2013,(Drama)

BELINDA BEAUTIFUL , directed by Marianne Blicher, 23min, Denmark 2012,(Drama, Melodrama)

ALICIA’S MASK , directed by Noel Brady, 6min, Ireland 2013,(Drama)

AGAINST THE WALL , directed by Alan Dunne, 10min, Ireland 2013(Drama, Thriller)

DINNER FOR ONE , directed by Kevin McGee, 6min, Ireland 2013(Comedy, Drama)

LAME LAMBS , directed by Yunus Yildirim, 12min, Turkey 2014,(Drama, Emigration)

MADE OF STONE , directed by Sebastian Olivari, 9min, Chile 2013,(Drama, Narrative)

WHERE WE ARE , directed by Ilker Çatak, 14min, Germany 2013,(Drama)

RUE ROYALE , directed by Malko Van den Borre, 25min, Belgium 2013,(Drama)

GROUNDED , directed by Alexis Michalik, 19min, France 2014,(Drama)

HIGH HOPES , directed by Guy Davidi, 14min, Palestine 2014(Documentary)

ANTHONY , directed by Jonathan van Tulleken, 15min, UK 2013,(Comedy)

FALLEN SUN , directed by Ivan Andrijanic, 3min, USA 2013,(Music Video)

WHAT CHER? , directed by Michael Slavens, 17min, USA 2013,(Comedy, Musical)

TILL THEN , directed by Benjamin Wolff, 20min, Germany 2014,(Drama, Romantic)

LOST IN PILSEN , directed by Gerard McKenzie, 24min, Ireland 2014(Drama, Adventure)

BEOIR A TALE OF IRELAND’S CRAFT ALE , directed by Sean Monaghan, 23min, Ireland,(Documentary)

JOINED AT THE HIP , directed Niall Glennon, 28min, Ireland 2014(Drama)

AFTER , directed by David Lynch, 14min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

FINN , directed by Una Gildea, 3min, Ireland 2014,(Animation, Comedy)

THE BEAUTIFUL XUANCHENG , directed by Wen Tian, 17min, China 2014,( Art, Installation)

THE FIGHT , directed by Keith Mannix, 13min, Ireland 2014, (Documentary)

HOLDING IT TOGETHER , directed by Cal Duggan, 22min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

THE RABBIT HOLE , directed by Louise Lewis& Joe Lee, 10min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

SUBS , directed by Anthony Assad, 13min, Ireland 2014,(Drama, Comedy)

SKUNKY DOG , directed by James Fitzgerald, 25min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

A FINE DAY FOR BANANAFISH , directed by Stefan Malesevic, 25min, Serbia 2014,(Psychological Drama)

PORK CHOP , directed by Eoin O’Neill, 3min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER , directed by Antonia Matter, 3min, Switzerland 2014,(Animation, Comedy)

SHEER MALICE , directed by Patrick McKenna, 28min, Ireland 2013,( Thriller, Psychological Drama)

TALL TALES PART 2 , directed by Jon Turner, 1,49min, UK 2014,(Animation, Comedy)

TWO LINES , directed by Mona Neubauer, 1min, Switzerland 2014,( Animation, Art/Installation)

WHAT A MESS , directed by Alexandre Bancel, 7min, Belgium 2014,(Comedy)

AMY , directed by Bertrand Faucounau, 20min, France 2014,(Drama)

GUNPLAY , directed by Jason O’Mahony, 10min, Ireland 2013,(Comedy)

ONE DAY OF CHRISTMAS , directed by Mel Cannon, 11min, Ireland 2014,(Drama)

SUMMER OF TOM , directed by David Lueza, 28min, France 2014,(Comedy)

REVIVAL , directed by Nadav Lazare, 24min, Israel 2014,(Comedy,Drama)

THE KNUTTEL CODE , directed by Ivan Cummmins, 13min, Ireland 2014,(Art/Installation)

BLIND DATE , directed by Alan Markey&Marta Lasek, 4min, Ireland 2014,(Comedy)

CONTRE JOUR , directed by Kaloyan Paterkov&Val Todorov, 27min, Bulgaria,(Drama)

This is the final selection for 2014, more information about the screening and events to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Festival dates 3,4,5th of October.