I have become obsessed with this band, and not just for their music. Their videos are original, artistic and hauntingly beautiful. To me, these days, a good music video is just as important at the music it underwrites. While music is emotive in its own right, the cineaste in me is always drawn to artists that create videos which are creative and thought-proving. And cool. Cool, works too.

The video isn’t new, it’s been knocking around the web since last summer. But it’s still one of the best I’ve seen in the last while. Directed by the collaborative duo Owen and Dave, formerly known as BISON, the video captures falling bodies which are slowed and tracked, mid fall by camera. At first it looks like old re0used footage, but then the spectator is taken around the body 360, as if one was walking around a body, falling, and frozen in time.

The directors claim they hold opposing aesthetics, Dave prefers Polaroids and 8mm while Owen likes the modern ‘Deathstar’ approach to film. They do however, manage to collaborate and combine both tastes into artistic pieces that merge an essence of darkness with unique stylist flair. But simply put, the video is cool, and technically innovative. Check out the behind-the-scenes film to see how they made it, using pinhole cameras and 35mm film.

The video


Behind the scenes


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