Jeremy Engel will be performing live at The Sugar Club on the 10th of October at 20:30 before the awards ceremony.

With his captivating voice and intimate storytelling, Jeremy Engel has a unique way of touching listener’s hearts. Inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Damien Rice, the French born, Dublin based singer/songwriter creates deeply evocative songs. With fluid guitar playing and adventurous soundscapes, Jeremy has proven himself to be the rare artist capable of perfectly capturing listeners’ emotions. Jeremy was born in Normandy, France, and spent much of his life traveling around Europe while working as an interpreter for the United Nations. As a result, he gained the broad perspective that would come to define his songwriting. Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with Irish culture, and settled down there in 2006. After many long nights in pubs absorbing traditional Irish music and Guinness , he decided to embrace his life long dream of becoming a songwriter in his own right. In early 2020, Jeremy emerged with his debut single ‘I Don’t Want To Stay.’ Accompanied by a gorgeous video, the song’s raw emotion served as the perfect introduction to a talented new artist. He has never made music for films but filmmakers can always contact him, of course to discuss. 

Jeremy was nominated here last year at DISFMF for The Best Music Video. You can see the video below.  If you want to follow Jeremy please click the links.

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I Don’t Want To Stay – Jeremy Engel (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If folk music is about depth and delicacy and indie music excels at accessibility and infectiousness, then it is safe to say that I Don’t Want To Stay, the debut release from Jeremy Engel, walks a perfect line between the two camps. The folk vibes are perfect for such a sensitive song. On the surface, it seems to be about leaving a relationship, about moving on about and looking to the future rather than the past. But given that, at least some of the inspiration for it comes from the passing of a loved one, perhaps it is also filled with ideas of the inevitability, of the passing of time and that we shouldn’t hang on what has gone before, especially when life offers us only a short opportunity to embrace the world around us. And that is the joy of music, it is up to the listener to derive the meaning, even if the writer is describing very specific and intimate events, lyrics are all in their interpretation. Whichever meaning you chose, or even if you find your own message between those lines, it is a cool song.