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Together with the screenings, this year we decided to go forward with the events and we decided to bring Romanian and Irish Culture together in a painting exhibition. This exhibition is done in collaboration with The Department for Romanians Abroad, The Ministry of External Affairs of Romania. The main painter in the exhibition will be the Romanian artist, Eleonora Cupcencu, who will have a total of 30 pictures exposed.Screenshot_2015-09-04-22-39-24

The location for the event will be supported by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art and will be located in Steambox, Dublin between, 8, 9, 10th October and after that in The Sugar Club on the 11th of October. Eleonora Cupcencu is a Romanian artist, well known as an actress as well.

Screenshot_2015-09-04-22-39-17Eleonora had acting parts in 2 Romanian feature films and 3 short movies, one of them being screened at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival. Her exhibition from Ireland will be entitled “Legends are happening now”. Rene Raileanu will accompany Nora, as a special guest. Her work of art contains no boundaries. Everything she paint is from the inside to the outside when she was asked where the source of inspiration is coming from “God is the most beautiful artist I carry inside”.

Painting by Rene Raileanu



Paintings by Eleonora Cupcencu


Our aim is to build cultural bridges and network capabilities.

This project is realised with the support of Ministry of External Affairs, Department of Romanians from Abroad