And because most film festivals are requesting DCP here is one of the greatest offers on the market.
IndyDCP is an Irish Company Specialising in Creating Digital Cinema Packages for Cinema Projection having a cost efficient, professional Digital Cinema Package service, that is compliant with DCI Standards. You will receive the highest quality 2K or 4K version of your film that can be distributed easily anywhere in the world. Upon completion, you will receive a fully functioning DCP that will be QC fully in house and returned on an EXT3 Linux drive. They also include a backup of your film on Blu-ray, free of charge, which will be returned to you, with your DCP.
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Most film festivals are requesting DCP as the first choice option for submission of films for cinema screenings. Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is now a recognized worldwide standard. A digital copy will not degrade or scratch. Your first viewing will have the same excellent quality as the 100th viewing.
A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey Digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams.The term has been defined[1] by Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC in their recommendations for packaging of DC contents. General practice adopts a file structure that is organized into a number of usually multi-gigabyte size Material eXchange Format (MXF) files, which are separately used to store audio and video streams, and auxiliary index files in XML format.The MXF track files contain image and audio essence that are compressed and encoded in order to reduce the huge amount of required storage. Encryption is an optional solution and is used to protect from unauthorized use. The image track file contains compressed JPEG 2000 essence and the audio is a wrapped 24bit linear PCM multichannel WAV file. The adopted (optional) encryption standard is AES 128 bit in CBC mode.The newer SMPTE standards are used to conform the recommendations among different tool vendors and producers. Interop, the legacy DCP standard, is still required to be supported by DCP players.
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