Press 2017

Press 2017

DISFMF is an independent festival dedicated to bring together film makers and musicians
from around the world in a forum to celebrate short films and music.

The goal of the festival is to show variety of all genres, drama, comedies, animations,
documentaries, music videos, narrative stories and horror.

Our aim is to build cultural bridges and network capabilities between the most talented filmmakers and musicians from around the world. Dublin is the most populous city in Ireland and also a multicultural capital with great venues and great people.

Every year the festival is held in the beginning of October

Festival date in 2017 are 6th -8th of October and will take place in two main venues, Cineworld for the short film screenings and The Sugar Club for the awards ceremony on the 8th of October.

During the festivals will have live music events in different venues. The venues we use before were: Wiorkmans Club, Grand Social and The Liqueur Room.

2016 we had over 850 submissions and we screened over 90 shorts from all over the world.
In 2017 is the 6th edition and we have 14 award: Best Director, Best Producer , Best Script , Best Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Edit, Best Animation, Best Sound Design, Best Score/Music, Best Student, Best Irish Short, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Documentary.

The actual awards are paintings made by Pratima Gungados talented Dublin based artists from Mauritius and the value of each painting is priceless.

Submission fees for each short is 15Euro

In 2016 on Filmfreeway the festival was voted in the first 100 out of 4778 festivals due to reviews.

,,A brilliant and so professionally organised festival. A great choice and variety of films being screened at proper venues. One of the best, if not the best film festival in Dublin’’
Patrick McNnight, Director