Natalia Kryshtalevich

“My story is simple – like many others. I have been drawing since childhood, but my parents did not support my studies. I stopped drawing for a long time, and I started again just a few years ago, not long before the war came to my country.
I’m not a realist artist, I don’t have much experience, but I support any desire I have to throw creativity out.
There is more creative energy in childhood. An adult needs to learn to be a child again.
I started working on this series twice, first I painted in oils, but then I realised that there was too little freedom in this. I wanted to become a little crazy artist. And I began to use mixed media, making a background from acrylic. I wanted all these pictures to be interconnected and imperfect. How imperfect our memories are. I took inspiration from my friends’ social media. The war scattered us all over the world, but each of us saw something beautiful in new places, these are mainly landscapes.
I dedicated one painting to dogs as indispensable companions of man, they often find themselves completely lost in this world.
I added gold drops to some of the paintings, they symbolise time, or rather precious seconds.”