Official Selection 2021

Eloise Lou, Directed by Marc Baradat, 23min, Drama, France, 2021
The House With One Man, Directed by Dan Tudor, 30min, Comedy, Romania, 2021
Graindelavoix: Saint Anthony’s Fire, Directed by Sebastian Pańczyk, 7min, Music Video, Poland, 2020
The Blactor, Directed by Rukiya Bernard, 13min, Drama, Canada, 2021
As Simple As That, Directed by Luciana Bitencourt, 19min, Comedy-Drama LGBTQ, Brazil, 2021
Anna, Directed by Kristina Rushiti, 13min, Drama, Albania, 2020
Afterlife, Directed by Daniel Butler, 15min, Horror, Ireland, 2019
Heated-A Sauna Session, Directed by Katharina Bischof, Comedy-Drama, 19min, Germany, 2021
Crooked, Directed by Lochlann Dowd, Comedy, 6min, Ireland, 2020
Acceptance-Nicole Faccio, Directed by Blanca Ninwen, Documentary, 16min, UK, 2021
Vlada Goes To London, Directed by Arti Savchenko, 22min, Drama, Israel, 2020
Golf-Tee Shot, Directed by Zeff Lawless, 13min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
Looking For Freedom, Directed by Aurelie Gauthier, 2min, Animation, Ireland, 2020
Breton, Directed by Christophe Switzer, 20min, Drama, France, 2020
Bockity Town, Directed by Jack O’Flynn, 5min, Music Video, Ireland, 2021
Oh, Baby!, Directed by Stephen McKeon, 16min, Horror, Ireland, 2021
Trustfall, Directed by Stefan David Witts, 11min, Documentary, Norway, 2021
Mam’s Old Chair, Directed by Sheena Walsh, 2min, Animation, Ireland, 2021
The Sound of Waves, Directed by John Avarese, 11min, Drama, USA, 2021
Soft Rain, Directed by Sacha Goedegebure, 7min, Animation, Singapore, 2021
Hum, Directed by Maureen OConnell, 10min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
June, Directed by Dwayne Cameron, 15min, Sci-Fi Drama, New Zealand, 2021
Troubled Times, Directed by Jared Crowelle, 27min, Drama, USA, 2020
Navozande, The Musician, Directed by Reza Riahi, 15min, Animation, France, 2020
I Got Your Letter, John Bauer, Directed by Noel Brady, 12min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
Lips & Tips, Directed by Christian Koch, 30min, Horror, Germany, 2021
Shifting Sands, Directed by Liam Halligan, 15min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
180 Degrees, Directed by Jenn McGuirk, 7min, Drama, Ireland, 2021
The Dog, Directed by Hugh O’Neill, 1min, Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Gajra, Directed by Vineet Sharma, 19min, Drama, India, 2021
Xylella Fastidiosa – The Apocalypse of Salento, Directed by Paola Ghislieri, 14min, Documentary, Italy, 2020
Tartuffe, Directed by Suzanne Houlihan, 6min, Comedy, UK, 2021
Wormhole In The Washer, Directed by Paireac Keane, 18min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
Room 217, Directed by Srwsht Abarash, 15min, Thriller-Drama, Iraq, 2021
Spell It Out in Neon, Directed by Tammy Minoff, 12min, Comedy, USA, 2021
The Path Less Paved, Directed by Colin Jones, 9min, Documentary, Canada, 2020
Visitors, Directed by Kenichi Ugana, 16min, Horror, Japan, 2021
Post-Credits Scene, Directed by Conor Donoghue, 4min, Music Video, Ireland, 2021
Gloaming, Directed by Sean Clancy, 7min, Sci-Fi Drama, Ireland, 2020
Acheron, Directed by Tommy Creagh, 16min, Drama, Ireland, 2021
Farmers, Directed by Tim Carlier, 18min, Sci-Fi Comedy, Australia, 2021
High Stakes and Hotdogs, Directed by Jonas Robstad Nielsen & Magnus Axelsen, 17min, Comedy, Denmark, 2021
Chicken Out, Directed by Richard Keane, 15min, Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Draped In A Dragon, Directed by Jeremias Nussbaum, 8min, Comedy, France, 2021
Every Limerence Helps, Directed by Bebhinn Naughton, 9min, Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Morning Beat, Directed by Ian Fallon, 5min, Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Final Deathtination, Directed by Marika Tamura, 2min, Animation, Japan, 2021
Where The Stars Don’t Go Out, Directed by Gerri Pavloff, 12min, Comedy Drama, Latvia, 2021
Tears to the Sea, Directed by Luciana Webber Baseggio & Emma Smith, 15min, Drama, Brazil & Ireland, 2021
B(w)oke, Directed by Shane Connellan, 7min, Drama, Ireland, 2021
A Man In Chain, Directed by Alireza Mirasadollah, 22min, Documentary, UK, 2021
April 9th , Directed by Tom Pigot, 19min, Drama, Ireland 2020
The Bright Fire, Directed by Zoe Zou, 15min, Drama, China, 2021
Where Still Waters Lie, Directed by Adam O’Keeffe, 19min, Horror, Ireland, 2020
A Short Horror Film, Directed by Sau Dachi, 15min, Comedy Horror, Ireland, 2021
Yesterday’s Wardrobe, Directed by Colm Scully, 2min, Animation, Ireland, 2020
Sunny Afternoon, Directed by Rickie O’Neill, 6min, Drama Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Barry, Directed by John Robert Brown, 5min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
The Lucky Man, Directed by Laoisa Sexton, 15min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
Stray, Directed by Sinead O’Loughlin, 15min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
Vedas, Directed by Hassan Jafari Dariush, 20min, Drama, Iran, 2020
Hunger, Directed by Mack Dollard, 9min, Horror, Ireland, 2020
The Yellow Dress, Directed by Deborah Grimes, 15min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
In Between Lands, Directed by Laura Griffin, 16min, Documentary, Ireland, 2021
Family Tree, Directed by Emmet O’Brien, 9min, Animation Ireland, 2020
The Cure, Directed by Gordon Hickey, 14min, LGBTQ Drama Action, Ireland, 2020
The Lost Pig, Directed by Ciaran Crudden, 19min, Drama, Ireland, 2021
Barriers, Directed by Fiach Kunz, 13min, Drama Thriller, Ireland, 2020
(AB)Normal, Directed by Miguel Parra, 13min, Comedy Drama, Spain, 2021
Timonia, Directed by Alexey Belkin & Vsevolod Aljokhin, 8min, Music Video, Russia, 2020
Road Games, Directed by Aleksander Szeser, 12min, Thriller, Poland, 2020
Incubus, Directed by Maria Fiorentini, 14min, Drama, Ireland, 2021
Transmission, Directed by Carleton Rodgers, 15min, Sci-Fi Drama Comedy, Ireland, 2021
Leave to Remain, Directed by Rémy Bazerque, 11min, Comedy, UK, 2020
The Dead Hands of Dublin, Directed by Leo Crowley, 8min, Animation Thriller, Ireland, 2020
2 Down, Directed by Sam Farage, 7min, Music Video, Finland, 2020
Disconnected, Directed by Suhail Tatari, 22min, Drama, India, 2020
Fucking Lonely, Directed by Kayla Arend, 4min, Music Video, USA, 2020
Made With Love, Directed by Chloé Robichaud, 2min, Animation Advert, Canada, 2020
The Rope, Directed by Boris Dobrovolskiy, 30min, Drama, Russia, 2017
La Domenica Delle Salme, Directed by Lucian Alexandrov, 5min, Music Video, Romania, 2020